Dear colleagues, welcome to the website of the journal "Ecological Sciences"!

“Ecological Sciences” is an academic, scientific and practical publishing house founded by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management in 2012.

State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management, as the leading Educational and Scientific Institution of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, pays considerable attention to theoretical developments and practical application of the knowledge in the Ecology and the importance of environmental support of production activity. Scientific and practical journal “Ecological Sciences” prints systematically: researches on issues related Public Administration in the field of environmental protection, Environmental Security, Ecology and Environmental Economics, Ecology and Production, Education for Sustainable Development, as well as news of scientific life in the field of Ecology, materials of scientific conferences, round tables, workshops on topical issues of the branch, critical articles, reviews, news of a specialized literature.

Based on the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 409 as of 17.03.2020 (annex 1), the Scientific and practical journal “Ecological Sciences” is included in the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (category “B”) on agricultural sciences (091 – Biology), natural sciences (101 – Ecology, 103 – Earth sciences) and engineering sciences (183 – Environmental technology)

Frequency: 6 times a year.

ISSN: 2306-9716 (Print) 2664-6110 (Online)

Thematic sections of the journal:

  • Theoretical Ecology;
  • General Problems of Environmental Defense;
  • Environmental Issues in the Context of Ukraine's European Integration;
  • Ecology and Environmental Economics;
  • Ecology and Natural Resources;
  • Problems of Ecological Balance and Sustainable Development;
  • Ecology and Production;
  • Ecology and Transportation;
  • Ecology and Construction;
  • Development of the Ukrainian Nature Reserve Fund;
  • Innovative Aspects of the Level Increase of Environmental Safety;
  • Ecological Education System for Sustainable Development;
  • Scientific Life.


We invite everyone to cooperate with our publishing house and offer to print your articles. We wish all the research inspiration, perseverance and scientific achievements in the noble field of environmental protection.