All articles submitted to the editorial office are subjected to the peer review procedure.

Review is aimed at high-quality selection of manuscripts for the journal “Ecological sciences”.

The review procedure is oriented to maximally objective assessment of the content of the scientific article, determination of its compliance with the requirements of the journal and provides a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the manuscript.

The journal accepts only articles that have value in science terms and facilitate solution of current scientific problems and tasks.

The main goal of review procedure is to eliminate cases of imperfect practice of scientific research and to ensure coordination and observance of the balance of interests of authors, readers, editorial board, reviewers and the institution in which the study was conducted.

Review procedure of the manuscripts is a confidential.

Editors do not provide information about the manuscript (including details of its receipt, content, review process, critical remarks of reviewers, final conclusion) to anyone, besides authors and reviewers.

The authors of the article are responsible for the copyright violation and non-compliance with the current standards in the materials of the article. The authors and reviewers are responsible for the reliability of facts and data, the validity of the conclusions and recommendations, and the compliance of the article with the appropriate scientific level.